Who We Are

The Partnership Project works behind the scenes, supporting organizations dedicated to environmental protection, by providing fiscal sponsorship, infrastructure support, and cross-organization collaboration — allowing them to focus on their work.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The Partnership Project provides fiscal sponsorship and organizational support to environmental campaigns and partners working to protect our environment and sustain it for future generations.

Our vision is to build a stronger, more connected, and more equitable environmental movement.

Teenagers taking action against climate change

We are guided in our work by four core values:

  • Equity

    We welcome and actively encourage participation from people of all backgrounds, races, gender identities, and abilities, making sure every person on our team has the resources needed to excel. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and safe workspace where voices are heard. We lead with empathy and strive for collective, respectful participation.

  • Integrity

    We act with honesty and transparency in everything we do, always striving to deliver excellent service to our partners and every member of our team.

  • Service

    We put the needs of our hosted programs and staff first. We solve problems, do everything we can to make their work easier, and deliver excellence beyond expectations. We serve with humility, meeting our partners and programs where they are.

  • Innovation

    To strive toward excellence for our organization and partners, we will continually evaluate and employ best practices, old and new, to ensure we are working at our best, fastest, and strongest.

Our Story

We are the Partnership Project.

As a fiscal sponsor, convener, and collaborator, we exist to support the work of our partner organizations in the environmental movement.

Twenty five years ago, we saw a landscape where environmental groups were working day and night to combat climate change and environmental destruction, but often didn’t work together effectively. The Partnership Project was founded to help foster collaboration and shared learning in the environmental community.

Since then, we’ve expanded our work to provide the tools and infrastructure needed to launch new campaigns and coalitions — always behind the scenes, always in service of growing and strengthening the environmental movement for all. We act as an incubator, helping foster new collaborative efforts in support of climate solutions and environmental justice. We provide the financial management and administrative support our partners need to operate more efficiently so they can focus on their work. And we provide resources for the broader environmental community through the expertise of our staff and programs — particularly when it comes to advocacy, communications, polling, and data.

We recognize that, historically, our services were mostly shared with those already in-the-know — which led to well-resourced, nationally-focused projects benefiting the most from our work. We’re dedicated to changing that. In order to help create an environmental movement that is more diverse, inclusive and equitable, we must acknowledge the systemic issues that have disproportionately affected marginalized communities. The Partnership Project is committed to helping support and build more capacity for groups striving for environmental justice, and to more fully support opportunities for staff growth and development throughout the environmental community.

Because the work continues to evolve, so will we — guided by the belief that working together will allow us all to accomplish more.

We are the Partnership Project, your partner to save the planet.

Meet our team.

Alicia Kolar Prevost
Executive Director
Emily Hunsaker
Director of People Operations
Aremanda Hudson
Communications & Operations Manager
Peter Fontana
Director, Innovation Hub
Ariel Stewart
Manager of Accounts Payable, Grants, and Contracts
Yara Ayache
Senior Grants and Revenue Manager
Keysha Brown
Payroll & Operations Analyst

Meet our board.

Our Board of Directors is made up of dedicated, accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds. Each brings their expertise and perspective to help lead our nonprofit organization.

As partners in pursuing our mission, Board members play an important role in guiding the Partnership Project as a fiscal sponsor, convener, and collaborator. They are committed to the success of our hosted programs and the broader environmental community that we serve.

We invite you to explore their bios and learn about their backgrounds, areas of expertise, and contributions to the environmental community and beyond. Their leadership and passion have helped us establish a track record of success, and we are grateful for their continued support.

Erich Pica
Friends of the Earth
Joe Bonfiglio
Environmental Defense Fund
Kevin Curtis
NRDC Action Fund 
Kristen Brengel 
National Parks Conservation Association
Irene Burga
Jeff Carter 
Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund

Robert Dewey 
Defenders of Wildlife
Marty Hayden 
Caroline Itoh 
National Wildlife Federation
Natalie Mebane
Rise to Thrive
Tiernan Sittenfeld 
League of Conservation Voters

We help environmental organizations do the work that matters.

As a fiscal sponsor, convener, and collaborator, we exist to support the work of our partner organizations in the environmental movement.