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Green Stimulus

Economic Recovery through Investments in our Environment, Energy System and Heritage

Seventeen national environmental groups have created a list of more than 80 projects and proposals designed to help create good jobs, grow the American economy, and safeguard public health, safety and the environment at the same time. The report, "Economic Recovery through Investments in our Environment, Energy System and Heritage," was sent to the transition team for President Obama on December 5.

According to the report, as many as 3.6 million jobs could be created by investing in renewable technologies, energy efficiency, water resources and infrastructure, green transportation, national parks and other public lands, and national and community service.

"When President Franklin D. Roosevelt took bold action to combat the Great Depression, he quickly put Americans to work renewing our nation and laying the foundation for our country's vibrant post-war economy," the groups noted. "Within four months, FDR began a mobilization that ultimately put millions to work replanting forests, rebuilding roads and bridges, blazing trails, and making other critical investments on our public lands and in our communities. President-elect Obama not only has the opportunity to create jobs by making similar, critically needed investments, but also to bring our economy into the 21st century with green, environmentally-sensible jobs that lay the foundation for shared prosperity in the economy of the future."

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While all the organizations participating in the Save Our Environment Action Center share the common goal of
protecting the environment, individual groups can, and sometimes do, differ in their approaches to specific issues.